ECOWAS has adopted a strategy and an action plan aimed at the implementation of the Common Market of investment, trade and tourism in their geographical area comprising 15 countries and having a geographical extension of 5,113,581 km2, corresponding to 17% of the African continent, and 397,205,265 inhabitants in 2020, that is to say close to one third of the continent's population. The ECOWAS space is rich in natural resources, full of business opportunities and with a predominantly young population.

Trade in West Africa, as well as the free movement of people and  goods, are well anchored in the tradition of the region from ancient  and great civilizations of West Africa, promoting the trade developing  between the regions of the Sahel and savannah with a wide range of  products such as live cattle, hides and skins, poultry, wood and its  derivatives. This secular trade tradition has generated a significant  early mobility of people and goods in the West African region and has  remained constant over the centuries, and can therefore be considered  that the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, is heir to  and precursor of this ancient African tradition.

According to ITU data the number of Internet  users in the ECOWAS space increased from 485,800 in 2000 to  188,423,476 in 2020, thus following the remarkable process of regional  integration of ECOWAS.

The effect of the introduction of new technologies of information in  the various fields of economic activity, has proven structuring and  presenting extraordinary results in increased productivity, in  creating jobs, in increasing the revenues from commercial transactions  or in the profound transformation in the relationship between  companies and among consumers.

The trade in the ECOWAS region reaches the value of USD 217.7 billion.  Exports are estimated at around USD 137.3 billion, with imports  estimated at USD 80.4 billion.

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  • 10/05/2020 PALOP - 66.864.854 Consumers » 14.267.664 Internet Users » 2.089.449 Km2   Read More 
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  • 10/05/2020 CPLP - 255.000.000 Consumers » € 557.88 BI Annual Trade » € PIB: 2.131 BI   Read More 
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The ECOWAS Trade Exchange Program [ELTC] provides for the elimination of customs duties and taxes with equivalent effect, the removal of non-tariff barriers and the establishment of a common external tariff for the protection of goods produced in the community.


The Generalized System of Preferences [SPG +] allows products to be exported to the European Union [EU] market, the main importer and exporter of Cape Verde, without quotas or tariffs.


The African Growth and Opportunity Act [AGOA] allows a product, when produced in a beneficiary country, such as Cape Verde, to enter the United States duty free.